Bridget Irving

Illustrator and artist vegan feminist

I am interested in animal rights, the human-animal relationship and how culture teaches us what that relationship is. Specifically I am interested in the role of the illustrator and illustration and how picture books fit in to the persistence of the existing understanding of the relationship between humans and non-humans. For example, consider the ever present cute images of farm animals and how those images persist ideas within a cultural understanding and then consider how those messages differ from reality. Even within the realms of visual creativity and imagination I think about how illustration perpetuates existing ideas and belief systems.

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration (2016).

My dissertation considered the role of the the illustrator within a western culture with regards to the human-animal relationship, so often detrimental to the animal. If you wish you can DOWNLOAD my essay HERE

I am also fascinated by the relationships between art, maths, music, and nature – Fibonacci numbers and outer space, the Golden Section and tortoise shell patterns, the pull of the moon on the tides and the interconnectedness of it all.
And I swim, I swim outdoors as often as I can all year round.

My rescue dog Ben likes to check everything. 🙂


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