MA Illustration Major project Red Riding Hood and the Wolf - An alternative

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Project Description

This project will investigate the representation of animals and the real lives of animals in reference to their illustrated selves. This project sets out to make a book – or other outcome – that exploits a (Western?) cultural knowledge of illustrated (wild) animals through a traditional visual text, i.e. a popular children’s picture book. Specifically this project aims, through research and visual communication to raise awareness of real animals and the threats to their lives and habitat such as climate change, hunting, and deforestation.


This project will ask if and how the traditional representation of animals supports or is detrimental to the lives of real animals in context of practice. Specifically, and as example, this project will examine the role and representation of the wolf or wolves in picture books.


Through history and contemporary contexts, this project will investigate the practice of depiction of the picture book wolf and examine how she or he is perceived.


This project will consider similarities with the representation of humans. For example, the movement to change the way girls and boys are shown in picture books so that those representations don’t repeat the discriminatory messages in society. History can show us that, for example, that racism and gender bias in society is reflected in literature – in children’s literature. Could these examples enlighten on issues of speciesism in illustration?

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54% Progress

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February 17, 2020

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October 9, 2020


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  • 5% 1. Draft proposalFebruary 28, 2020
  • 15% 2. Research - phase of research into materials, processes and techniquesFebruary 28, 2020

    Project Focus and Planning

  • 20% 3. Research - theoretical texts/critical studies
  • 35% 4. Research - case studiesApril 30, 2020
  • 40% 6. Development - narrative July 30, 2020

    In reality it has come much later as a result of the Kishotenketsu research.
    Whilst this caused me great angst - I see that was a lack of experience - I flet I need a specific narrative to illustrate to - a written story to act as my scaffold.
    Beatrice Alemagna, as one example, needs to work like this.

    However, I was able to put together a story, a simplified one, it turns out, that pulls together my ideas and my illustrations to date. It has emerged from academic reading, not giving up on my goals, even though I couldn't quite articulate them at the start - because I didn't have the language the to explain what I wanted to do.

  • 50% 5. Development - character developmentJuly 30, 2020
  • 60% 7. Development - IllustrationsJuly 20, 2020
  • 75% 8. InDesign layoutJuly 31, 2020

    Final setting of illustrations and pages and any text into Indesign - final layout/formatting/image selction

  • 85% 9. Print ready bookAugust 30, 2020
  • 95% 10. DocumentsSeptember 30, 2020

    Completion of Research and developemnt documents

  • 100% Submission for assessmentOctober 7, 2020

    Research doc, Development doc,
    Outcomes, reflection statement (1000 words)


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Semester B 5 Documents 7 / 7 Tasks 0 Responses


Research and Practice – 7FTC1026

Module end date w/b 13th May 2019

Work my way through the Creative Project Work/Play book steps 1-6. This begins with exploring my idea, in context of me and my aspirations and its value to others. Questions guide me so be sure to work through them all. Use the review points. Examine resources including my abilities, skills, equipment and time. Step 6 will, “extend or focus and confirm or challenge’ the project at this point. This stage will generate sketches, mind-maps, keywords and connections.

2/3 No Documents Phase Documents

Semester C 2 Documents 3 / 4 Tasks 0 Responses


Practice 1  – 7FTC1033

Module end date 1st June 2020

Sketching, making and testing. Make artefacts and review and find feedback.

Writing with Picture Book by Uri Schulevitz – guides through the process

Domestika courses 0 Documents 3 / 3 Tasks 0 Responses



Deadline 1st June 2020

Research completed and development started

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Practice 2   7FTC1031

Deadline w/b 13th January 2020

0/1 Tasks

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DEADLINE W/B 31st August 2020


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